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Meet The Experts opens for submissions

Get a full half hour with seasoned film producers, distributors and executives! As an LSF delegate you can apply now via the Submissions, Booking and Information Page. More about Meet The Experts HERE. David Nicholas Wilkinson has run Meet The … MORE

We Have A Smartphone App!

All delegates can now download the LondonSWF 2017 Smartphone App. This will be updated continually in the run up to the festival and has some really useful features. If you have bought a ticket you will be sent an invite … MORE

Euroscript ‘Script Surgery’ applications now open for delegates

If you would like a one hour consult about your script, project or career at LondonSWF, you can now apply via the submissions, booking and information page on the site. This is only open to delegates. You can read more … MORE

The Legal Clinic Opens on July 9th

The Legal Clinic Opens For Submissions on Sunday If you have a legal issue you would like to discuss with our resident lawyer, you can apply for a slot in the Legal Clinic. The applications open on July 9th and … MORE

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2017 Launch Event (June 14th)

On June 14th, the London Screenwriters’ Festival will host Ken Loach for an extraordinary conversation about screenwriting, filmmaking and of course, the future of our country post the 2017 General Election. Join us for the 2017 LondonSWF official launch event. … MORE

Actors’ Table Read at LondonSWF 2017 is now open for submissions

Just a quick reminder that the Actors’ Table Read is now open for submissions, and as an LSF delegate you should really consider this opportunity – you can get your script worked on live by pro actors and a director … MORE

LondonSWF 2017 will take place from September 15th to 17th in London

The eighth London Screenwriters’ Festival will be hosted by Regents University London in Regents Park, over the weekend of September 15th to 17th 2017. Preceding the festival will be three days of additional masterclasses. Team LondonSWF

** ARCHIVED NEWS FROM LAST YEAR ** Announcing… the 12 writers, directors and producers who will Meet the Experts!

We are delighted to announced the twelve successful applicants (in no particular order) for the Meet the Experts sessions, which will take place on Friday 2nd September. Adam Nelson Cera Rose Pickering Emma Martin Cate Wood Hunter Julian Venables Melanie … MORE

** ARCHIVED NEWS FROM LAST YEAR **Time Slots for the 2016 Advanced Mentoring Labs Announced

For the 30 Labs participants… We know you’re all waiting on tenterhooks to receive the schedule for this, so here, without further ado, it is! Karl Iglesias: Sat 9am – 12pm (Acland Lounge) Dan Mazer: Sat 9am – 12pm (Acland … MORE

** ARCHIVED NEWS FROM LAST YEAR **Time Slots for the 2016 Actors Table Reads Announced

If you were successful in your application to the Actors Table Read, you can find your slot below. If you have an issue, drop an email. Ignore the numbers next to your name, that’s just for our internal reference … MORE