Die Hard Script to Screen with Jeb Stuart #LondonSWF

There is nothing quite like the London Screenwriters’ Festival live script to screen sessions. To get to sit together as a community and watch our favourite films alongside their film legend creators is a treat indeed. When they tell us … MORE

Why LondonSWF brings so many writers together and helps keep us attempting the incredible

By Jessica Lau The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu It’s been more than a month since I’ve attended the London Screenwriter’s Festival. Time really does go by too fast. I have enjoyed every … MORE

Actors And The Script: How Actors Find Their Way To Your Work #LondonSWF

Both artistically and commercially, attracting the right talent to your project can make all the difference. Actors Rebecca Root, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Casting Director Manuel Puro sat down with Screenwriter Tom Kerevan about the process of attaching actors to a project … MORE

The Unbroken Short Film Prize 2017, a mental health awareness festival

Let’s talk about mental health.  As creative people, storytellers who are used to inhabiting other people’s lives and sharing both their stories and our own with the wider world, it should be easy, right?  Perhaps not as easy as you’d … MORE

Six Things You Can Do Right Now To Beat Writer’s Block! #LondonSWF

Script Consultant and educator, Pilar Alessandra joined us early in the London Screenwriters’ Festival to talk about how, even among the most employed writers in Hollywood, writer’s block can stump our writing and freeze our creative motion. If you are finding … MORE

“Itches to be scratched” – 9 Cool Things from John August by Kosha Engler

My first London Breakfast Club was a cracker. At 2:30pm sharp I nabbed my front row seat at Phoenix Artist Club. Good thing too – it was packed. Thirty minutes later John August appeared in the flesh. We went wild … MORE

Producers Notes: Kill Your Darlings Without Killing Your Writing! #LondonSWF

Writers Danny Brocklehurst, Roland Moore and Ashley Pharoah, and Producer Angus Lamont came together with Script Editor Karol Griffiths at this year’s London Screenwriters’ Festival to talk about the process of receiving script notes, what it feels like, why it … MORE

Why Accountability Is Important To Your Writing Career

Picture the scene: You have an idea for a script. Fantastic! You tell yourself you will write it. Brilliant! You daydream of all the awards and recognition for that script that will change everything for you. Lovely! But now is … MORE

Morning Pages – 18/09/2017 by Mark Salmon

Mark Sent me this brain dump the day after the festival closed and I asked if I could share this with others and he agreed… This is his personal experienced of LondonSWF’17… The London Screenwriters Festival is over. By the … MORE

London Screenwriters’ Festival Ultra Early Bird £28 a month Ending

This weekend the Ultra Early Bird offer for LondonSWF will end – that offer is £28 a month for ten months, or buying you pass outright for £280. CLICK HERE Now the dust is settling on what we have heard … MORE