Clash of the Titans…? Why The Hero’s Journey CAN be non linear… By Linda Aronson

This is funny… As those of you who have attended the London Screenwriters’ Festival will know, it’s a very friendly, inclusive festival – and remarkable in the way it manages to combine high-powered craft and business sessions with a lot … MORE

The Advanced Mentoring Labs Open For Submissions

Today the Advanced Mentoring Labs submissions process opens to delegates who have bought their pass to LondonSWF ’17. You can read more about the Labs HERE. You can make your submission via the Submissions, Booking and Information page here on … MORE

Tim Roth in ‘Tin Star’: Friday, we host possibly our best Breakfast Club ever

Sky Atlantic have given us unparalleled access to their new headline cop thriller starring Tim Roth, ‘Tin Star’. This Friday… two industry heavyweights, a downloadable shooting script and exclusive access to watch the the show make for our best Breakfast … MORE

Christopher Vogler’s Top Quotes For The Hero’s Journey

Christopher Vogler is one of the most influential teachers of screenwriting for me. His book, The Writer’s Journey, about the Hero’s Journey and mythic structure has influenced almost everything I do – in filmmaking, screenwriting and also presenting seminars. I … MORE

Euroscript ‘Script Surgery’ applications now open for delegates

If you would like a one hour consult about your script, project or career at LondonSWF, you can now apply via the submissions, booking and information page on the site. This is only open to delegates. You can read more … MORE

How ‘Gifted’ Screenwriter Tom Flynn Switched Genres and Got Disney Interested

It’s the film that’s keeping tissue companies everywhere in business… Gifted is the story of a young prodigy and her uncle’s fight to keep custody and give her a real childhood. The film stars Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and … MORE

Why you should expose your writing to a live reading by Vera Mark

So you are working on a screenplay, a short story or a novel. Perhaps you’ve finished a draft, or a rewrite, you’ve gathered feedback, you feel it’s pretty much good to go. What else can you do? Read it out … MORE

Perfect Your Pitch: One day Masterclass August 5th / £48.50

Consider… When you meet that all important person and you have a few minutes with them, will you nail that pitch with confidence? Will you project effortless grace and share a well crafted idea, then get a read request or … MORE

One Important Lesson for Success from ’71 Screenwriter Gregory Burke…

Write… Write what you can and MAKE THEM REMEMBER YOU! Working as a playwright was never Gregory Burke’s goal, and yet he found himself writing several successful plays (and becoming one of the country’s most renowned playwrights), without ever actually … MORE

Scene Description Spotlight: “Unforgiven”

By Scott Myers I remember reading the script to Unforgiven (1992) and being struck by two things: It was a clean read and it was a compelling read. This scene, which takes place in Act Three, is a great example … MORE