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June 2017

19th June:
Actors Table Read submissions open, more here.

July 2017

9th July:
Legal Clinic Submissions Open, more here.

17th July:
Euroscript ‘Script Read’ applications open, more here.

28th July:
Advanced Mentoring Script Labs Open, more here.

30th July:
Actors Table Read submissions Close, more here.

31st July:
Writers Room Opens for submissions, more here

August 2017

13th Aug:
Advanced Mentoring Script Labs Close, more here.

14th Aug:
Submissions for Meet The Experts Opens, more here.

14th Aug:
Live Script Edit Open, more here.

25th Aug:
Writers Room closes, more here

23rd Aug:
Legal Clinic Submissions close, more here.

27th Aug:
Euroscript ‘Script Read’ applications closes, more here.

30th Aug:
Euroscript ‘Script Read’ successful applicants announced, more here.

31st Aug:
Live Script Edit Close, more here.

September 2017

1st Sept:
Actors Table Read Successful Applicants Announced, more here.

3rd Sept:
Submissions for Meet The Experts Closes, more here.

4th Sept:
Legal Clinic Successful Applicants Announced, more here.

7th Sept at midday.
Meet The Experts Slots For Successful Applicants goes live.

8th Sept:
Advanced Mentoring Script Labs Successful Applicants Announced, more here.

9th Sept:
PitchFest Booking System Goes Live, more here.

11th Sept:
Speed networking booking opens (and closes when all slots full), more here.

12th to the 14th September 2017:
Festival Week Seminars, more here.

14th September 2017 (Thursday evening):
Festival Opening Party, more here.

15th to 17th of September:
The London Screenwriters’ Festival runs, more here.

Hearing what was in my head come alive in front of me left me inspired.

Edwina Tyrrell, Screenwriter

Edwina Tyrrell, Screenwriter

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