Julian Friedmann

Film, TV and literary agent

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Julian Friedmann represents both book and script writers across a broad range of subjects and formats. He started as an editor for two academic publishers in the early 1970s before setting up his own publishing company. He set up a literary agency in 1976, later merging with Carole Blake to establish Blake Friedmann.

He has lectured all over the world on the business of scriptwriting and has published a book called How To Make Money Scriptwriting. He edited two volumes called Writing Long-running Television Series and created Europe’s leading scriptwriting magazine, ScriptWriter which became TwelvePoint.com.  He is also co-author of The Insider’s a Guide to Writing for Television.

He helped design PILOTS (an EU Media initiative to develop long-running television series) and the MA in Television Scriptwriting at De Montfort University. In addition to agenting he also acts as an Executive producer.

Julian was born in South Africa in 1944 and came to live in London in 1961. He has degrees from the University of York (Philosophy/Politics BAs) and an MA from the School of Oriental & African Studies. He was thrown out of LSE while doing a PhD because he didn’t tell them he also had a full-time job in publishing.

Julian also served as Exec Producer on Birthright, War Wolf, Over Africa, Burning Road, The Swinger, Nancy’s Boy, Benedict’s Brother and Girl Made of Dust.  

He is also grandfather to six smashing kids.

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