Michael Wiese

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Michael Wiese is the world’s top publisher of over 200 film books (plus 40 more on consciousness) including The Writer’s Journey, Save the Cat!, Cinematic Storytelling, The Shaman & Ayahuasca, and The God Molecule.

His company’s mission (mwp.com, divineartsmedia.com) is to publish books that empower the filmmaker healing both maker and audience.  Michael may also discuss his encounters with Salvador Dali, Buckminster Fuller, “Hardware Wars”, Don Jose Campos, the Sonoran Desert Toad, his films made in Tibet, Bali, and Peru, and his battle with Parkinson’s which he is winning.

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Michael Wiese is appearing at the following sessions:

Holding Space for Your Vision

Holding Space for Your Vision

Unleash the creativity already present. Discover that your own work is already deeper than you ever imagined and that you have unimaginable access to creative capabilities that you only suspected.