The 2017 British Screenwriters’ Awards

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 7:30pm


The 2017 British Screenwriters’ Awards image

It’s about time someone put the originators and architects of great storytelling front and centre. And we rose to the challenge and launched the British Screenwriters’ Awards.

This year at the London Screenwriters Festival we will run the fourth British Screenwriters Awards, honouring outstanding writing from newcomers and established screenwriters in both film and television. And we will be expanding categories this year too, championing even more great British screenwriting.

The Nominations for 2017

To be announced Summer 2017.

The Nominations for 2016 (winners in bold)

Outstanding Newcomer for British Television Writing    

  • Doctor Foster by Mike Bartlett
  • Black Work by Matt Charman
  • The Night Manager by David Farr
  • Partners in Crime by Zinnie Harris / Claire Wilson

Best British TV Drama Writing     

  • Jericho by David Ramage / Steve Thompson / Chris Dunlop / Caroline Henry
  • This is England 90 by Shane Meadows / Jack Thorne
  • Peaky Blinders by Steven Knight
  • Penny Dreadful by John Logan / Andrew Hinderaker
  • Murdered By My Father by Vinay Patel

Outstanding Newcomer for British Feature Film Writing           

  • Kill Your Friends by John Niven
  • Carol by Phyllis Nagy
  • The Danish Girl by Lucina Coxon
  • My Name is Emily by Simon Fitzmaurice
  • Macbeth by Jacob Koskoff / Michael Lesslie / Todd Louiso

Best Crime Writing on Television (Series/Single Drama) 

  • Lucky Man by James Allen / Rachel Anthony / Neil Biswas / Stephen Gallagher / Ben Schiffer / Alan Westaway
  • No Offence by Paul Abbott / Paul Tomalin / Jimmy Dowdall / Mark Greig / Jack Lothian
  • Luther by Neil Cross by
  • The Night Manager by David Farr
  • Marcella by Marston Bloom / Mark Greig / Ben Harris / Hans Rosenfeldt

Best Comedy Writing on Television           

  • Chewing Gum by Michaela Coel
  • Stag by Jim Field Smith / George Kay
  • Siblings by Keith Akushie / Daran Johnson / Joe Parham / Lucien Young
  • Car Share by Peter Kay / Paul Coleman / Sian Gibson / Tim Reid
  • Catastrophe by Rob Delaney / Sharon Horgan

Best British Children’s Television   

  • Hetty Feather by the Writing Team
  • Thunderbirds are Go by the Writing Team
  • The Dumping Ground by the Writing Team
  • Dangermouse by the Writing Team
  • Sarah and Duck by Benjamin Thomas Cook / Sarah Gomes Harris

Best British Feature Film Writing  

  • Brooklyn by Nick Hornby
  • Legend by Brian Helgeland
  • The Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett
  • Suffragette by Abi Morgan
  • 45 Years by Andrew Haigh

Lifetime Achievement Award TBA on the night

  • Simon Fitzmaurice

Create50 Awards

The Impact 50 Best Screenplay                              

  • More by Phil Charles
  • Sing Mummy by Tracey Parsons
  • Silent Ruin by Chris Vanderhorst
  • Without Sin by Kerry Dye
  • Meet Anne by Tyler Pierreson

Twisted 50 Best Story

  • Five Days by Susan Bodnar
  • Shenanigans by Chris Jeal
  • The Sugar Loaf and The Red Shoes by Marie Gethins
  • The Beholder by Stephanie Wessell
  • The Audition Altar by Leo Robertson

The Nominations in 2015 were (winners in bold)

Outstanding New Talent in British Television Writing    

  • ‘Not Safe for Work’ by DC Moore
  • ‘Prey’ by Chris Lunt
  • ‘Cyberbully’ by David Lobatto / Ben Chanan
  • ‘Our World War’ by Joe Barton / Marco Crivellari

Outstanding Newcomer for British Feature Film Writing           

  • ‘71’ by Gregory Burke
  • ‘The Falling’ by Carol Morley
  • ‘Suite Francaise’ by Matt Charman / Saul Dibb
  • ‘X+Y’ by James Graham

Best British TV Drama Writing     

  • ‘Humans’ by Joe Barton, Jonathan Brackley, Sam Vincent and Emily Ballou
  • ‘The Missing’ by Harry Williams and Jack Williams
  • ‘Call the Midwife’ by Heidi Thomas
  • ‘Sherlock’ by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat

Best British Feature Film Writing  

  • ‘Ex Machina’ by Alex Garland
  • ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ by David Nicholls
  • ‘Paddington’ by Paul King
  • ‘Kajaki’ by Tom Williams

Best British Children’s Television   

  • ‘Wolfblood’ by Debbie Moon, Sophie Petzal, James Whitehouse and Hannah George, Catrin Clarke, Paul Mousley, Neil Jones and Lee Walters
  • ‘Katie Morag’ by Sergio Casci, Martin McCardie, Stuart Hepburn, Linda Cameron
  • ‘Harriet’s Army’ by Guy Burt
  • ‘Eve’ by Emma Reeves, Andrew Yerlett, Joe Williams, Ann Marie Di Mambro, Vivien Adam and Kirstie Swain

Best British Crime Writing

  • ‘Peaky Blinders’ by Steven Knight
  • ‘The Fall’ by Allan Cubitt
  • ‘The Game’ by Toby Whithouse, Sarah Dollard and Debbie O’Malley
  • ‘Broadchurch’ by Chris Chibnall

The Create50 Awards ‘Moments of Courage and Kindness’

  • ‘Late Request’ by Phil Peel
  • ‘Psukhe’ by Vera Mark
  • ‘As Lao Tzu Says’ by Alexis Howell-Jones

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Steven Moffat by Mark Gatiss.

The Nominations in 2014 were (winners in bold)

Outstanding Newcomer for British Television Writing

  • ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’ by Regina Moriarty (BBC3)
  • ‘Raised By Wolves’ by Caitlin Moran and Caroline Moran (Channel 4)
  • ‘In the Flesh’ by Dominic Mitchell, John Jackson and Fintan Ryan (BBC3)
  • ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ by Tom Bidwell, Rae Earl and Laura Neal (Channel 4)

Outstanding Newcomer for British Feature Film Writing

  • ‘Saving Mr Banks’ by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith
  • ‘The Riot Club’ by Laura Wade
  • ‘Starred Up’ by Jonathan Asser
  • ‘Pride’ by Stephen Beresford

Best British TV Drama Writing

  • ‘The Honourable Woman’ by Hugo Blick (BBC2)
  • ‘Happy Valley’ by Sally Wainwright (BBC1)
  • ‘Sherlock’ by Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gatiss (BBC1)
  • ‘Utopia’ by Dennis Kelly (Channel 4)

Best British Feature Film Writing

  • ‘The Selfish Giant’ by Clio Barnard
  • ‘Philomena’ by Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan
  • ‘Locke’ by Steven Knight
  • ‘The Double’ by Richard Ayaode and Avi Korine