Deconstructing ‘Pulp Fiction’ with Linda Aronson

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Saturday 9:00am

(T & H)

Deconstructing ‘Pulp Fiction’ with Linda Aronson image

Universally considered one of the greatest films of the nineties, ‘Pulp Fiction’ also employs fractured narrative, flashback and multi protagonist storylines. Join Linda Aronson as she deconstructs the movie in real time.

To many of us, the structure of Pulp Fiction appears so complex and convoluted as to scare us right back into the three act structure. Linda will demystify the structure, revealing simplicity and elegance at the heart of the storytelling.

If attending this session, we also recommend you attend the Non linear screenwriting in film and TV session with Linda, as well as buying and reading her book ‘21st Century Screenwriter’. This will give you a strong foundation for what promises to be a deep analysis into how Tarantino managed to interweave stories, characters and time jumps so effortlessly.

We also recommend rewatching the film in advance and reading the screenplay (available for delegates).

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