Going from 'pass' to 'YES!': Actors and the Script

Going from

For every actor there comes that moment when they’re reading the script when they know… without any doubt, unequivocally, that they HAVE to have this part.  That they HAVE to be a part of this Movie or TV show.

Make no mistake, the casting is the most important decision anyone will make in relation to your screenplay.

But what makes a notable, bankable or simply just amazing actor say ‘yes’?

It might come in the first ten pages or it might be the last line of the script, it might be a line or dialogue or it might be a brilliantly simple scene description.  Whatever it is or wherever it lands is irrelevant so long as it DOES land. And therein lies the challenge for all writers, how to write OUTSTANDING work that resonates with the cast who can potentially make or break your movie at the box office or your TV show in the ratings.

Actors are a breed apart and they will read your script with a very different eye to that of a producer, director or production designer for that matter.

They are the heart and soul of your characters, they will bring them to life and add layers, textures and idiosyncrasies to them that you could never imagine.

In this session, our panel of accomplished actors will reveal what it was about specific scripts that hooked them and turned just another read into a ‘must play’.  What was that moment, what was that line, what was that specific turn of phrase that made them put down the script, pick up the phone and tell their agent, ‘I’m In!’

Get insight into the actors thought and decision making process, helping elevate your writing and making it more castable.