Meet The Experts

moderated by David Nicholas Wilkinson, Ruth Kenley-Letts, Richard Kurti, Michael Ryan, and Tim Highsted

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Get a full half hour with seasoned film producers, distributors and executives!

David Nicholas Wilkinson has run Meet The Experts since 1999 with almost 50 film professionals helping over 400 emerging and established filmmakers.

The purpose of the panel is to give no holds barred private and confidential advice in helping the chosen candidate move that project forward to the next stage. The advice is robust and sometimes very tough, but it will be an honest assessment by those who work day in and day out in the financing of film projects. Should the team think the project is viable then they will arrange introductions to others who might be looking for such projects. It is possible that one of the experts might take up the film themselves. This has happened many times over the years.

Day1_Special01_Meet the Experts_[SMALL]_68Projects can be at development or script stage, in production or even completed.

Although it is not a pitching panel for funding, past panels have included the boss of a large UK film fund, the head of International Fiction scouting at French Television, two successful film & TV writers, the head of a low budget film fund, all chaired by a UK distributor/ filmmaker.

David comments… ‘One question we frequently get asked is: “Can you help me find a producer?” The short answer is – we can’t. This is because one producer may be perfect for you and your project, but completely wrong for another. The best way to find your perfect producer is to get out to events like LSWF, where you may pitch your project to the producer of your dreams.’

Only 12 places are available so please put your applications in as soon as submissions open.  Submissions open 14th Aug and close on 3rd Sept.

  • 1086472915‘Brutal but honest’
    Waris Islam, Filmmaker
  • 1085112130‘Honesty is sometimes a tough commodity to find in this industry, but the panel at Meet the Experts were able to provide it. A barrage of well-informed, unapologetically real-world advice in an incredibly useful 30 minutes’ Pat Higgins, Screenwriter
  • 1085956490‘Although the panel grilled me, I was prepared and needed to hear what they had to say and they have saved me, on what could of been a lot of wasted time on this project. ’
    Elkie Yates, Screenwriter
  • 1086295964‘Meet The Experts is a great place to test the strength of your project’
    Marcia Do Vales, Screenwriter

Appearing in this session

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan – Founder | GFM Films

Credits include: The English Patient, What's Eating Gilbert Grape

In 2000 Michael partnered with Guy Collins. Between them they have financed, sold and produced over 200 films.
Michael Ryan
Richard Kurti

Richard Kurti – Screenwriter

Credits include: Wolfblood, Primeval

Richard and his writing partner Bev Doyle broke into the business by writing and selling a spec script, Newton's Law, which led to 14 further movie commissions.
Richard Kurti
Ruth Kenley-Letts

Ruth Kenley-Letts – Producer

Credits include: It's a Wonderful Life

Ruth runs JK Rowling’s Bronte Film and TV and won both an Oscar and BAFTA for 'It's a Wonderful Life' directed by Peter Capaldi
Ruth Kenley-Letts
Tim Highsted

Tim Highsted – Senior Editor, Acquired Feature Films | Channel 4

Prior to joining C4 Tim previously worked in film distribution, the London Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival.
Tim Highsted
David Nicholas Wilkinson

David Nicholas Wilkinson – Producer

Credits Include: The First Film, How To Change The World

David has been involved in the production/ distribution of over 100 British feature films with budgets from £20,000 to $16 million.
David Nicholas Wilkinson