Ripping into Ripper Street with creator, writer and producer Richard Warlow

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Friday 2:00pm


with Richard Warlow and Will Gould
moderated by Jeff Norton

Ripping into Ripper Street with creator, writer and producer Richard Warlow image

Built on the universe, era and tone of its infamous namesake, Jack the Ripper, Ripper Street is a genre TV success that proves audiences still love dark period crime. Meet Richard Warlow, the creator, writer and producer for this candid and indepth session into how he managed to get Ripper Street onto screens, and keep it there.

  • What makes for a show that hooks producers and audiences?
  • What were the stages and relationships that led to the first series commission?
  • What made Ripper Street exciting to broadcasters?
  • How do you manage the workload of so many shows?
  • Writing character arcs over multiple seasons
  • Taking liberties with the truth to serve drama and conflict
  • The mechanics of the process – from concept, pitch, deal, commission, writing, production, fixing in post, transmission, global distribution, commission on the next season… Repeat

You can download and read the pilot episode of Ripper Street HERE.

Appearing in this session

Jeff Norton

Jeff Norton – Writer-Producer & Author

Credits include: MetaWars, Trucktown, Princess Ponies

Jeff is a writer-producer, and author of the award-winning thriller series MetaWars.
Jeff Norton
Richard Warlow

Richard Warlow – Screenwriter & Showrunner

Credits include: Ripper Street, Mistresses

Richard is the Lead Writer, Creator and Executive Producer on all five series of 'Ripper Street'.
Richard Warlow
Will Gould

Will Gould – Producer

Credits include: Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street

Will is currently the Joint Managing Director of Tiger Aspect Productions, internationally recognised as one of the UK’s most successful indie TV production companies.
Will Gould