Script Lab 3: Writing The Short Film to Get Produced

with Will Massa

Script Lab 3: Writing The Short Film to Get Produced image

Want to write a short film? There’s so many shorts available via the web and film festivals, it’s hard to know where to start. How can you make YOURS stand out, so your script’s not only the best it can be, but it stands the best chance of getting selected by commissioners and produced?

Will Massa is back at @LondonSWF for the second year to help writers and their short scripts reach their true potential. For the past two years will has been working as Head of Development for Collabora8te, an exciting short film development and production initiative designed ti unearth and champion new talent, and run in partnership with The Bureau, Dazed and Confused and Nokia.

Six LSF delegates will have their short film scripts put through their paces in this interactive and exclusive workshop. Collabor8te’s 2012/3 script call got 1400+ entries, so if anyone knows how to make your short script stand out from the crowd, Will does!

Here’s what the Lucky Labbers from Collabor8te’s LSF 2012 Script Lab had to say:

If you’re serious about short filmmaking and want to get your short film script picked up in 2014, you NEED to be in this Script Lab.

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