** ARCHIVED NEWS FROM LAST YEAR **Announcing and congratulations to the successful Script Surgery applicants at LondonSWF

Get you script read in out Euroscript labs at the LSF

We have selected the 102 screenwriters who will get a one-on-one session with Euroscript at the Script Surgery.

Congratulations to everyone! We also have selected a further 15 screenwriters who didn’t get into the main script surgery but who will still receive a special consultation from our script doctors at the festival.

We will be in touch with everyone about slots and booking very soon.

You can check out the script doctors HERE.

And you should familiarise yourself with the schedule HERE.

So let’s give a resounding applause for the 102 selected screenwriters and screenplays. They are…

Melanie Brocklehurst
Juan Venegas
Adrienne Aiken
Stephen Deas
Charlie Hunter
Josh Shevill
Alexander Frank
Christopher Lembe
Kathleen Eccles
Andrew Kevin Fawn
Amanda Kiely
Edward Richards
Aydrea Walden
Phil Peel
Daniel Brown
Neil O’Neil
Nadine Wilson
Doug van der Walt
Gerardine Coyne
Delphine Montariol
Rebecca Muddiman
Patricia McBride
Jovan Jevtic
Eileen Wilson
Paul Mahoney
Laurence  Tratalos
Gary Sharp
Alan Cross
Guido Lippe
Edward Sikora
Johnny Parker
Halida Abbaro
James Jay
Lee Crompton
Greig Thewlis
Barry Staff
Paolo Guglielmotti
Jason  Swindle
Leigh Joslin
Victor Neustetter
Kooi Glendinning
Gwenhyver Davies
David Tickner
Brian Dayle
Camac Johnson
Tim Glister
Julian McLeod
Paul Williams
Tracey Parsons
Gemma  Mills McGrath
Samuel Cheung
Louise Walters
Stewart McDonald
Tim Guest
Edwina Tyrrell
John Tan
George Johnson and  Cameron Grant
Amanda Harper
Tasbir  Malle
Barbara Skubic
Nicola  Jones
Kulvinder Gill
Karelia Scott-Daniels
KT Parker
Victoria Howell
Jade Syed-Bokhari
Gareth Peevers
Pamela Edwardes
Anna O’Grady
Paola Teran
Aimée Emma
Sarah Frankland
Liz Holliday
Phil Lowe
Ben Jones
Ann Theato
Janet van Eeden
Dennis Todorovic
Bruno Catarino
Joseph Phipps
Amanda Webster
James Wooldridge
Chris Regan
Julian Venables
Mathieu Gosselin
Anna Kumacheva
Ryan  Cleary
Jackie Daly
Peter Regan
Cate Wood Hunter
Peter  Spencer
Natalie Evans
Victoria Taylor Roberts
Patrick Myles
Claire McGowan
Thomas Knight
Alistair Lawrence
Charlotte Edwards
Hansa Dasgupta
Louise  Johnson

And finally the 16 screenwriters who will get special sessions with Euroscript at the festival below…

Jacquelline Kelly
Gareth Dowson
Natalie Massone
Lynne Jones
Romeo Domenichini
Rita Wheeler
Baz Kaplan
David Sobell
Grant Atkins
Carsten Wieschiolek
Malwina Szustak
Luma Kativ
Tina Jay
Eric Munier
Adam Nelson
Arielle Benjamin and Karen Absalom

Remember, we will be in touch very soon about timing, booking and slots.

Chris Jones