Inside the Spec Pile for the LondonSWF Labs Submissions by Lucy V Hay aka Bang2Write

As ever, the standard was high and there were some surprises. Ready? Then let’s go …  Overview We have three labs this year. All were fairly popular, with the most scoring 50 submissions. Overall, the LSF readers were agreed that … MORE

Actors Table Read Slots Announced

You can now check the timing of your slots for the Actors Table Read so you can select you Script Surgery (Euroscript) and the PitchFest slots, when they go live on Saturday at midday. Here they are… Day 1: Friday … MORE

The Long Good Friday… Background for the Script To Screen

At the London Screenwriters’ Festival this year we are running a Script To Screen where we read the script, watch the film and chat with the writer all in real time. I am excited to announce that filmmaker and writer … MORE

Congratulations to the 18 Screenwriters Selected for this years Advanced Mentoring Labs at LondonSWF

Congratulations to the 18 Screenwriters Selected for this years Advanced Mentoring Labs at LondonSWF As ever, the standard was high and making choices was very difficult. Also, the lab with Nicola Larder has had to be moved outside of the … MORE

Euroscript Script Surgery Successful Applicants Announced

Congratulations to the 119 writers selected to be part of the Euroscript Surgery at the festival, they are… We will be in touch very soon about booking your slots. Halida Abbaro Monique Amado JK Ansah Katharine Armitage Shari Ayers Anna … MORE

How the LondonSWF changed EVERYTHING for me in three days by Lisa McMullin

Buying a ticket to the London Screenwriters Festival two years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. And it was a last minute decision. I very nearly didn’t go. It’s expensive. Over three hundred pounds for three … MORE

Congratulations to the successful Actors Table Read applicants 2018

There was an unprecedented number of entries made to the Actors Table Read this year so again, touch choices needed to be made. Congratulations to the screenwriters whose works was selected to be part of the Actors Table Read. We … MORE

Announcing the Twelve Writers Selected for the Writers Room 2018

We will be in touch very soon, so look our for an email from Guido. Congratulations to all that made the list, and those who didn’t should know it was a tough call and hotly contested. OK drum roll please… … MORE

Want into a room with 750 writers, producers, execs for fifteen quid… London, Sept 8th

Who will you meet at the British Screenwriters Awards? Chance meetings, random relationships, right time in right place… We have all heard the stories of how lucky people found success. Except they weren’t lucky. They made it happen. There are … MORE

Why we run the London Screenwriters’ Festival…

I hate marketing emails. You are a writer, you should try writing one. They are hard and so often it feels totally disingenuous. I have been writing these emails about the London Screenwriters’ Festival for the best part of a … MORE