Can you help an LondonSWF delegate get her book published?

As it is with film, in the book industry, getting your work seen and read by the right people can be incredibly difficult. We all know this. This is where Unbound comes in. Unbound believe in good stories and is shaking up the industry, one book at a time.

Anita Mir’s novel, ‘Inside Cities’ is set in the ancient inside or walled city of Lahore as India moves towards Partition.

On the Unbound page HERE you can read more about Anita, read some of the book and watch a short video about the project.

By pre-pledging you will help get this book published and you can have your name in the back or the front, as an acknowledgement of your support.

Anita is calling for your help because she knows that you, like her, love stories and that we, as a group, aim to create stories that people will carry and question and argue over for years. And it is this which is our kinship with one another.

And after the book, hopefully, comes the film!

Thank you, all.

Unbound page HERE