Discovering LSFConnect!

We are a little less than 9 months away from the festival so I thought I would write a blog to help you guys navigate a little more easily on LSFConnect, our private network for delegates.

LSFConnect offers lots of stuff that you can do, some of which can really help you with your writing, and to also connect with other writers.

  1. On the ‘Home’ page the first thing you will probably notice is the video player featuring videos from the latest LSF. This area will be frequently updated so do keep an eye out for that. You also get to see all the people who are online with you in the chat widget below. You can either live chat with them or choose to private message them. This is a great way of discussing sessions, sharing notes or simply making friends. It will get VERY active closer to the festival.
  2. ’Video Archive’. I like to think of this as the vault that holds all the sessions from the previous years of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. Drill down into the sessions, there are hundreds.
  1. ’Forum’. Now, if you are new to the festival you probably have a lot of questions like ‘How can I get the most out of the festival?’ ‘What do I need to know about the Pitchfest?’ ‘Where can I find affordable accommodation close to the festivals location?’ Most of your questions have already been answered on this page (as well as on the ‘Groups’ page). Of course if you still have questions, feel free to ask in the forums. Check out the different categories and maybe even create a forum post yourself.
  1. ’Groups’. A lot of frequently asked questions have already been asked and answered in the ’Noobies’ group. There is a lot of activity in this group so I would recommend joining. You can also create your own group and start a discussion that you want to have.
  1. ’Blogs’. Write your own blog and post in LSFConnect for the community. This is a great way to reach out to the other members, to be creative and have a little fun writing. Go on, write something, publish and put yourself out there (and read others too).

Viktoria Tolidou
www.LSFConnect and Delegate Manager