Get £££ off upcoming events… Early Bird Deals Close Sunday

A quick heads up that several of our events have early bird discounts ending this coming Sunday night…

Breaking Into Script Reading, with Lucy V Hay (Feb 3rd and 4th ’18)
GET £50 off – normally £139, now £89 till Sunday

An intensive two-day workshop that breaks down the art and craft of reading scripts to help improve your own writing, to also improve your feedback for other writers and most importantly, to earn you money as a professional reader.

Advanced Structure: From Procedural to Longform, terrestrial to Netflix and beyond… With John Yorke (Sept 13th 2017)
Normally £48.50, get £16.50 off with discount code YORKESPECIAL

In one day, shift your project from a great idea that is well executed into one that meets the needs of the emerging long story form machine that is Netflix and other online platforms.

The Film Distribution Summit 2017 (Oct 21st/22nd 2017)

How to get your film sold and distributed in the new, dynamic and evolving marketplace. Bringing together filmmaking, distribution and sales expertise, experience and vision. Join 400 filmmakers and 30 industry experts for a game-changing weekend.

Chris Jones