How I Launched My Screenwriting Channel on Youtube for Screenwriters by Lucy V

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Know Your Remit
So, you probably know me … I’m Lucy V, a writer, script editor and blogger who helps writers. My site, Bang2write, was a finalist in the UK Blog Awards last year, plus it’s been voted into the Top 100 Sites for Writers by The Write Life two years in a row. It’s also in Feedspot’s top ten screenwriting blogs, ninth in the world and number one in the UK!

In tone, B2W is known for its ‘smack talk’ as well as its moral support: the idea is, writing might be hard, but it’s up to YOU to go for what you want … But we’re all in this together, as well. Over the last ten years of blogging, I’ve shared writing craft and career tips, as well insights into submissions, novels and more.

Know What You’re Doing
It’s fair to say that B2W keeps on getting bigger and bigger: as all the web gurus say, I am ‘dominating my niche’. Lots of writers, bloggers and other social media users ask me what my secret is in terms of platform-building. My ‘formula’ is pretty simple, really:

Provide high value content that users actually want, the way they want it.

It’s not rocket science … yet something that gets overlooked, time and time again when people launch ANYTHING online!

Know Your Audience
But what does this mean? Well, it means figuring out WHO your audience are; WHERE they hang out and WHAT interests them. Over the years, I noted the majority of my readers were new and ‘improving’ writers, who specifically liked craft and careers advice. They hung out most on Facebook (and still do), though they had a brief dalliance with Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, before retreating in large hordes back to Facebook. My younger Bang2writers like Tumblr and Instagram, so I started posing there too.  started taking note of my highest performing articles, as well as researching blogging generally. I discovered the importance of headlines that ‘hook’ readers, as well as ‘content outreach’ – ie. going into social media spaces to share articles, discuss them and be available for questions and suggestions.

Know What Your Audience WANTS
I also started doing targeted market research. I asked the Bang2writers what THEY wanted to see on the site – not only in topics, but the way it was delivered. I started doing a B2W mail out of themed emails, based around a topic each week for example. I also started a B2W Facebook group, offering guest posts and doing more competitions and giveaways.

Last year, the Bang2writers told me they wanted video content. I don’t mind admitting that at first, my heart SANK. I am not technical at all, plus my time is very limited. But I also realise the way people consume content online is changing and video is on the up and up: people LOVE it and B2W’s days as a text-only site seemed numbered when it’s estimated video will

Know How To Make It Work For YOU, Too
So, I decided to continue practicing what I preach – give my audience what they want!!! But I also needed to make it work for *me* too, so my passion shines through and I keep it relevnt not only to me AND my viewers. I decided to create a ‘curriculum’ of writing advice the Bang2writers felt they wanted and needed … And which I would feel passionate about, too. I ended up creating video content not only on screenwriting, submissions, genre and careers advice then, but also my new love of novel writing, as well as referencing movies, books and TV series I really love.

Wanna Watch?
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Lucy V Hay