Lisa McMullin on her LondonSWF journey, all the way to writing for Doctors and Eastenders…

LondonSWF 2018. Nine years old now? Wowza. I think I’ve been to half of them, then. I may be repeating myself a bit so apologies for stuck record syndrome but LSF did actually change my life.

I went to my first LSF in 2014 with a handful of competition shortlists under my belt. Now I’m writing for Doctors and EastEnders and two of my own original drama series have been optioned and are with TV commissioners.

LondonSWF gives you the courage and belief that anything is possible – motivational talks, practical sessions on networking and pitching, firewalking (yep), the opportunity to not only sit in a lecture/interview with the very best writers/producers/directors but to have intimate conversations with them afterwards. I’ve met and learned from my heroes. Magic.

The learning and development opportunities are exceptional – have your script looked at by professional script editors, work in a writers room with industry professionals, pitch to producers/agents/commissioners – I got an agent as a direct result of pitchfest. But more than that – you develop your craft. You can learn from the very best. You can attend a structure session by John Yorke in the morning, get inspired by Pilar Allesandra in the afternoon, and be sharing a beer with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat in the evening.

But the BEST thing about LSF is the people. You meet your peers; people who get it, who understand the joy and agony of the whole writery thing. I’ve made some seriously good friends at LSF, from all over the word. I’ve got a writers group – a tight-knit hardcore little bunch of peeps who are supportive and critical and driven and the loveliest friends. I met them in a script lab at LSF and they mean the world.

Thank you Chris and the whole LSF superhero team.

Lisa McMullin

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