Morning Pages – 18/09/2017 by Mark Salmon

Mark Sent me this brain dump the day after the festival closed and I asked if I could share this with others and he agreed… This is his personal experienced of LondonSWF’17…

The London Screenwriters Festival is over. By the end of it, I was exhausted. It tired me because I’m an introvert. It drains me to make that much effort with so many people over that length of time.

I really enjoyed it.

The sessions made me think. I engaged my brain and I examined my own stories, ideas and characters. I found inconsistencies and contrivances in my work that I can address. Many of the sessions were filmed so I look forward to seeing those I missed.

Yes, I took a few business cards and met some people. I am sure I will stay in contact with at least a couple. Good luck Adam (comedy), Liz (Adventure) and Nick (Drama) with your writing. They were my kind of people.

I pitched, I went to Writer’s Room, I did a Script Surgery, I did some networking.

Next year, I will do more.

My mind was opened to writing for children’s TV and continuing drama.

I found it emotional to consider my own stories so closely and to listen to the struggles of other writers to make ends meet.

That lady who in the festival opener said you came all the way from Beijing. Can I still meet you? I lived there for four years, love China and would be interested in you and your story.

There were moments over the last few days where I doubted myself, especially when the sacrifice and resilience it takes to be a writer became clear. But I am still determined. I must be a pervert.

And yes, it does feel good standing like Wonder Woman. I try to be open with other people but it’s difficult. Having said that, my opening gambit of ‘How has your day been?’ was sincerely offered and gratefully received.

In my sitcom, I need to simplify my main character and give him more vulnerability. Fuck. He needs to be funnier.

In my drama, my protagonist needs a destiny. I won’t fix him but I will patch him up and nudge him through another gateway.

Thank you red shirted people who all smiled and were helpful and happy. Thank you Chris for giving us a warm shove at the beginning.

If I had a criticism, it would be the chicken pasta salad from the refectory that needed more sauce and seasoning.

Oh, and could we have more comedy next year please?

This has been my stream of consciousness today. I hear the kids again, shouting and eating their breakfast downstairs. I will soon join them with my cup of coffee. My wife, Carol, needs some love today after a week of neglect. I will help her out.

Be kind. Be generous. Be understanding. Be affectionate. Be tolerant. Be good. Be a good husband!

A rule of the Morning Pages is that no one else is meant to see them. But I’m happy to share these. They show a writer trying to get on with it. I have a strong desire to make writing my living. I learn all the time and I resist -­‐ oh how I resist

– the temptation to return to my previous life: a life that afforded some material luxury but which almost killed the parts of my brain that I treasure the most. I want these parts to light up and glow with passion, excitement and love.

See you all next year.

Mark Salmon

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