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Chris Atkins

Independent Film Maker
Chris Atkins headshot

Chris Atkins is an independent film maker, who likes to court controversy. He wrote and directed the BAFTA nominated feature documentary Taking Liberties in 2007, which took an entertaining swipe at the Blair government for eroding our civil liberties.

His second film, Starsuckers, was an expose of the celebrity obsessed media. It gained notoriety for selling fake celebrity stories to the tabloids, secretly filming red top journalists trying to buy celebrity medical records, and catching Max Clifford boasting about his clients on a hidden camera. Clifford, The News Of The World and Bob Geldof all took legal action to try and stop the film being seen, but it was released uncut in 2009 to critical acclaim. It has since been shown on Channel 4 three times and was screened to The Leveson inquiry, and Chris was called as  a key witness and gave over two hours of evidence.

In 2011 Chris spent a year undercover investigating corrupt Private Detectives to expose the black market in illegal information. He bought medical records, mobile phone bills, bank statements and criminal records on several of his friends to show how easy it was to uncover our most personal secrets. The investigation went spectacularly wrong when he was rumbled by two Pis (who were ex marines) and chased down the street, which made a memorable scene in the film. Watching The Detectives went on to open the new series of Dispatches on Channel 4 in 2012.

He is currently working on several secret projects that he can’t talk about, unless you get him drunk.

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