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Christine Hartland

Producer - Patchwork Productions
Christine Hartland headshot

Patchwork Productions was set up by independent award winning Producer Christine Hartland in 2004. After successful short films, she produced her first feature film, WMD (2009) to be one of the first British films to follow a reverse distribution strategy. Christine executive produced both debut feature films Verity’s Summer by Palme d’Or nominee Ben Crowe and Life Just Is by Alex Barrett (nominated for the Michael Powell Award at Edinburgh Film Festival) both of which had UK theatrical release (2012/2013).

Patchwork Productions received development funds by MEDIA for the feature Nitrate by Gavin Boyter & Guy Ducker (described as one of the ‘biggest Wikipedia hoax’ by the Daily Dot) and by BFI Net.Work for the feature The Tentmaster’s Daughter by Isabel Anderton whom she met on the Guiding Light mentoring scheme (2009). Christine was mentored by Damian Jones (Producer of the Oscar winning The Iron Lady and Belle) with whom she is still in touch.

Patchwork Productions aims to produce independent films with a compelling story and a unique voice, supported by on-line marketing and trans-media strategies; and, to explore innovative funding, distribution models and release strategies to suit each project.

Currently Patchwork Productions, in association with Bright Cold Day has completed the debut thriller Containment written by David Lemon and directed by Neil Mcenery-West which has its UK theatrical release in mid-September 2015 (trailer on

AT THE PITCHFEST CHRISTINE IS LOOKING FOR:  Thrillers and comedies. No Horror!

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