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Craig Batty

Senior Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne
Craig Batty headshot

Craig is based in Melbourne, Australia, where he teaches screenwriting at RMIT University and works with local writers and filmmakers on projects.

He has experience as a writer and script editor on various short film, feature film, television and online projects. He also writes about screenwriting, and has published many books, articles and chapters for student, academic and industry purposes.

He is author of Movies That Move Us: Screenwriting and the Power of the Protagonist’s Journey (2011) and Screenplays: How to Write and Sell Them (2012); co-author of Writing for the Screen: Creative and Critical Approaches (2008), Media Writing: A Practical Introduction (2010), The Creative Screenwriter: Exercises to Expand Your Craft (2012), Writing & Selling Horror Screenplays (2014) and Writing & Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays (2014); and editor of Screenwriters and Screenwriting: Putting Practice into Context (2014).

Craig has a PhD in screenwriting and supervises students who are undertaking practice-based PhDs in screenwriting and creative writing.

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