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Jeffrey Caine

Jeffrey Caine headshot

I was born on the day the German army began its last major counter-offensive of the War, a consequence of which is that I spent my early childhood looking under the bed for Hitler. I was schooled in London, where the boys were taught grammar and Latin and the girls in our sister school presumably learned to make wimples. Graduated University of Sussex 1964-7 (B.A.), University of Leeds 1967-8 (M.A.) Leeds now recognises me as an alumnus of distinction and asks for money at regular intervals, Sussex just asks for money. Make of that what you will.

I married for life in 1969, the marriage damaged but not destroyed by the death of my wife, Lorna, in 1995. I’m a swan. Two female cygnets, both older than most of the producers I work with, and three grandchildren, one of them almost certainly older than whoever thought up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

A career that began with four published novels* (*printed pages that tell a story, bound between covers) then veered unaccountably into British television, commencing in soap (don’t ask) and slowly mutating into film (the rinse cycle) and ending with two television series of my own: The Chief and Bodyguards (yes, it did, and no, it made no sound).

At the last count my unproduced screenplays outnumbered my produced films (GoldeneyeInside I’m DancingThe Constant Gardener ) by 12 to 1 but I’m told longer shots have won races and I’m still writing and still counting. In this industry, as Walt Disney proved, you have to believe in magic. My latest adventure: back to television, but this time American television: a historical drama miniseries for The History Channel.

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