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Lucy Fawcett

Agent - Sheil Land Associates
Lucy Fawcett headshot

Lucy is interested in different steers depending on the writer.

Literary Agent Lucy Fawcett runs the film, tv and theatre dept at Sheil Land Associates Ltd where she represents the agency’s book-to-film rights and her own screenwriters and playwrights.

Career and Credits:

Lucy represents screenwriters and dramatists along with all of Sheil Land’s authors’ film/tv/theatre rights.

Company Credits:

Sheil Land is a literary agency representing authors and writers in all fields – fiction, non-fiction, animation, radio drama, television drama, film and theatre.

Q: What piece of advice can you give writers who are pitching to you or trying to break into the industry?

A: We represent such a different range of writers it’s hard to give one piece of advice for each field – just – persevere!    

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