Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher headshot

Paul set up and was CEO of Euroscript as an EU MEDIA programme [96-02] developing scripts with writers and EU production companies including: Little AshesDuCain’s BoysMermaids & Money TroublesDark RosaleenHeart and Soul, all optioned or produced. He was a script advisor on features Starred Up, 2013 released, and Dermaphoria 2014 release.  He was editor of Screenwriter magazine and a columnist for magazines: SavvyScreenwriter,Filmwaves. He has had numerous short stories and poems published in magazines and anthologies, and a book published Dancing in the Waves [Mer, 2009].

He has taught at London Film School, LSW, RCA, NPA, and Euroscript, and delivered talks at International Festivals in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, London, and Lisbon, as well as sitting on International Film Festival juries and funding panels in Portugal and UK. He is a director of Euroscript Ltd. and is working on a French TV project and a number of film projects.