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Paul Irwin

Director, Producer, Writer
Paul Irwin headshot

Paul Irwin has extensive experience of working with disadvantaged young people both within the UK and in some of the most deprived areas of the world. He has worked in a variety of youth focused and community development orientated roles.

Paul also has extensive experience of working within media including organising major national youth events for the BBC. Most recently Paul has developed TryLife, the most complex drama series ever created. TryLife is the old choice based adventure books brought back to life for teenagers online today. Imagine a soap such as Skins, where at key moments the action could be paused and you make a decision. Your choice will change the course of the storyline and will have an immediate impact on what happens next. In episode one there are 20+ endings with some random occurrences thrown in. Episode 2 will have 30+ endings and further expand upon the choice based format of the pilot episode. TryLife is hard hitting, it is not about teaching what is right or wrong. It allows young people to experiment in a safe environment, make life choices on behalf of filmed characters and see the consequences of their actions.

The aim of this project is to create an all-encompassing drive to change the way in which young people think and act on issues which affect their lives. TryLife has already amassed well over 100,000 fans on Facebook and are now franchising the brand to the US and Australian markets, they are now also developing content with BBC Media Action in 8 South Asian countries.

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