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Robert Llewellyn

Screenwriter and Actor
Robert Llewellyn headshot

Robert Llewellyn wrote his first novel at the age of 12. By the time he published The Man on Platform 5, his first grown-up work of fiction, 30 years had passed. In the intervening period he worked as an artist’s model, a bespoke shoemaker, a tree surgeon, a screenwriter, a comedian, actor and TV presenter.

Robert has appeared on British television regularly since 1987 in various guises including under quite absurd amounts of rubber in Red Dwarf, covered in grease and dust in Scrapheap Challenge, in terrifying machines on How Do They Do It? and sitting in a car chatting in Carpool.

He writes under a rack of solar panels in Gloucestershire and News From Gardenia is his fifth work of fiction.

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