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Stevie Lee

Producer - Runaway Fridge
Stevie Lee headshot

Runaway Fridge is a London based film and television production company run by Stevie Lee and Olivia Aubry. It develops and produces features and has a TV development deal with international TV distributor Fremantlemedia.

Stevie Lee has worked with writers ever since she left university, first as a literary agent with Judy Daish Associates, then as a script editor and Head of Development at Contagious Films.

Olivia Aubry completed the selective Producers Program at UCLA in 2008 and has worked in production and development in the US (for producers Arnold Rifkin, Rebecca Yeldham and John Ptak,) Belgium (AT-Productions) and in the UK (Hugo Cabret Ltd) before joining Runaway Fridge in 2012.

Runaway Fridge was established in 2006 and initially focussed on the development of feature films.  We have a slate of features in development including two projects that have been awarded BFI development funding – The Boy Who Loves Lights by Amber Trentham and The Madolescents, a dark comedy helmed by MJ Delaney.

Our first feature into production is Frank, an original screenplay by Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan, which is now in post production for Film4.  The film was co-produced with Element, directed by Lenny Abrahamson and stars Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Domhnall Gleeson.

The company’s experience and excellent long term relationships with agents, writers and other talent has made it a magnet for good ideas and exciting material and, to fully realise this potential, in 2009 Runaway Fridge expanded into television, enjoying a development deal with international TV distributor Fremantlemedia.

The company’s debut TV production was Page Eight, a film written and directed by David Hare and staring Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz (BBC Films / Carnival NBC) which was broadcast in 2011, attracting the second highest viewing figures on BBC2 in the last five years.

The Making of A Lady, a single ITV television film written by Kate Brooke, was transmitted as part of the 2012 ITV Christmas schedule.   Based  on the novel by Frances Hodgeson Burnett, directed by Richard Curson Smith, it starred Linus Roache, Lydia Wilson, James D’Arcy and Joanna Lumley.

Later this year, Runaway Fridge will produce The Dog Thrower, an original comedy written and directed by Jon Ronson for Sky Arts Playhouse Presents.

We are developing a broad slate of other TV projects including:

  • The English language remake of Canal+ hit comedy Kaboul Kitchen.
  • The adaptation of the internationally bestselling Shardlake series of Tudor detective thrillers by C J Sansom. Alan Sharp (Rob Roy) and Mick Ford (Single Father) adapted the first two novels in the series into four hours of television, and Mick is attached to adapt the third.
  • Tom MacCrae’s fantastical returnable series Witchity.
  • A series based on the novel The Drop by Howard Linksey (nominated as one of the top five thrillers published internationally in 2011 by The Sunday Times) which is being penned by JJ (Layer Cake) Connelly.
  • The Handler, a six part Belfast set original series by Peter Jukes centring on the conflicts faced by the man charged with ‘handling’ a network of informers.
  • Action/ adventure series Mythica, created by Will Davies, co-produced with Wide-Eyed Entertainment.
  • Alice Glass, a returnable, original series by Colin Bateman and Gary Young.


Runaway Fridge develop for both TV and film and look, above all, for engaging and essentially truthful writing.  In TV terms, our remit from Fremantle is to source returnable genre series, especially crime and thriller, with sturdy concepts and international appeal.  With film, we like projects that have a very clear sense of their audience and where the story really demands a big rather than small screen – not so much in terms of effects and budget but in terms of the scale of the journeys taken by the characters. 

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