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Zack Gutin

Director Of Studio Relations | Final Draft
Zack Gutin headshot

Zack Gutin is the Director of Studio Relations for Final Draft Inc, the industry standard in screenplay formatting.  As the company’s first point of contact for any studio, network, production company, television show or industry professional, he deals with the most advanced features of the software, in the most demanding environments, on a daily basis.

He has served as a script consultant on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live, worked with hundreds of the top creative talents in show business and – as a writer himself – has a deep working knowledge of both the technical and practical uses of Final Draft.

Visiting from Los Angeles for 2-months, Zack will be meeting the UK film and television community throughout October and November.  His London Screenwriters Festival presentation will include in-depth looks at features of Final Draft version 8, the Final Draft Writer App for the iPad, as well as the opportunity for general questions from the audience.

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