’71 Script to Screen LIVE with Gregory Burke & Angus Lamont

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Sunday 10:30am


with Gregory Burke and Angus Lamont
moderated by Giles Alderson

’71 Script to Screen LIVE with Gregory Burke & Angus Lamont image

Released in 2014, Gregory Burke’s powerful feature debut ’71 picked up a stack of awards for Gregory Burke, the Director Yann Demange and their male lead, the quietly intense powerhouse, Jack O’Connell.

The riveting story of a young and disorientated British soldier, accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast. The film, based on real-life incidents, came out of a conversation between Gregory and Producer Angus Lamont. Originally Lamont’s idea, Gregory had recently seen Apocalypto and said “There’s a pitch for you. “It’s Apocalypto set in Belfast” because it’s just about a guy running and having to get home.

The script evolved out of the ongoing conversation/collaboration between Gregory and Angus; first time feature director Yann Demange and BAFTA Rising Star Jack O’Connell came on board and a with a $10m budget, there were a lot of people putting a lot of faith in a movie with a lot of fresh new talent playing key roles.  A risky risky business that paid off in spades.

’71 is an action movie with a difference – it’s edgy, intense, British (sorry but that’s not generally what we do best), character driven and remarkably authentic story telling at it’s best.  A perfect example of collaborative filmmaking gone very VERY right, we are delighted to present this Script to Screen LIVE session with Gregory Burke and Angus Lamont.

Read the shooting script (the one they took to set), then join Gregory and Angus for their live commentary detailing the journey of this powerful and important film from script to screen.

Appearing in this session

Angus Lamont

Angus Lamont – Producer

Credits include: '71, The Girl With All the Gifts

'71 Producer Angus has been an active participant in the Scottish and UK independent film production community for more than 25 years. 
Angus Lamont
Giles Alderson

Giles Alderson – Director

Credits include: The Dare, World of Darkness

Award winning director Giles hosts the 'filmmakers podcast'.
Giles Alderson
Gregory Burke

Gregory Burke – Screenwriter & Playwright

Credits include: '71, One Night In Emergency

An award winning and prominent Playwright and Screenwriter, Gregory's most recent work is the hard hitting '71 starring Jack O'Connell.
Gregory Burke