Writing Great Parts That Actors WANT To Play

Room: D204/5

with Doon Mackichan, Suzanne Smith, and Kevin McNally

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Screenwriters are often taught it’s ALL about the script. Obsessing on story and characters, they frequently forget about those people who could get their pages to screen … No not directors, or even producers – actors!

Actors attaching to your script can make all the difference in getting your script “out there” – and the bigger the name, the better. What’s more, if the script is good enough, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never made anything before!

But how does a writer with few or no contacts write a script with parts so brilliant, actors will literally fight to be in it? What are actors crying out for?

In this session we’ll be probing the minds of actors Doon Mackichan (Smack The Pony, Plebs), Kevin McNally (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Downton Abbey) and one of the UK’s biggest casting directors Suzanne Smith, to find out what goes on in an actors head when they read a script.  Is it enough to just write great dialogue and how exactly do you get actors fall in love with your scripts?

Appearing in this session

Doon Mackichan

Doon Mackichan – Actress

Credits include: Plebs, Smack The Pony, The Day Today

Actress and writer of cult comedy show Smack The Pony, Doon is a veteran of British comedy, with over 20 years of on screen experience.
Doon Mackichan
Kevin McNally

Kevin McNally – Actor

Credits include: The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series

Kevin has a credit list as long as your arm but is perhaps best known as Joshamee Gibbs in The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.
Kevin McNally
Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith – Casting Director

Credits include: Dracula, Resident Evil

She's a double EMMY winner and has worked with some of the biggest actors on some of the biggest movies.
Suzanne Smith