Ask An Expert

with Tony Lee, Hayley McKenzie, Julie Gray, Steve Ince, Kira-Anne Pelican, Ellin Stein, and Lucy V Hay

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We know what it’s like at the festival…

There so much going on and so many opportunities that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Who can you turn to in these moments for expert advice?

This year we are introducing ‘floor walking’ screenwriting experts who will be on call and ready to take YOUR questions. They will be most accessible during breaks.

They will each have a high visibility badge so you can spot them in a crowd, and each will have a particular skill set – networking, pitching, development, agenting, editing etc. There will be around thirty of these experts available for the entire festival.

Meet YOUR experts HERE

So if you are feeling like you need a pep talk, a little extra direction and just some good solid facts about the business, reach out to one of our experts and they will help get you what you need.

Full list of ‘Ask An Expert’ here