Beyond The Templates: What Screenwriters Can Learn From The Great Prose Writers

Room: D202/3

with Jurgen Wolff

Beyond The Templates: What Screenwriters Can Learn From The Great Prose Writers image

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Long before there were movies, certain individuals figured out how to achieve what every screenwriter wants to know: how to capture the attention of an audience from the first page, how to create characters that come alive, and how to construct plots that keep us thrilled, amused and captivated.

In the search for the elusive magic screenwriting template, it has been forgotten that the great authors already knew these secrets – and that their methods can easily be adapted for the medium of screenplays. In this session, Jurgen Wolff will share with you the techniques employed by these great authors and how you can apply them to your screenplay.

Jurgen says about this session: “I believe that the emphasis on the inciting incident on page X and the other mechanical prescriptions that have dominated the past decade have taken screenwriters away from more important skills: how to create vivid and memorable characters and how to tell a story that captures the hearts and minds of the audience. I don’t think you can find better teachers for this than Chekhov, Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen – all of whom revealed their methods in letters and essays.  In this session I’ll pass that advice along and relate it to writing screenplays.”

Appearing in this session

Jurgen Wolff

Jurgen Wolff – Screenwriter

Credits include: Family Ties, Benson, The Love Boat

Jurgen has written over 100 episodes of TV including classics such as Family Ties, Benson and The Love Boat.

Jurgen Wolff