LSF Intensive: Deepening YOUR Drama through Character Psychology with Kira-Anne Pelican

LSF Intensive: Deepening YOUR Drama through Character Psychology with Kira-Anne Pelican image

Seven writers, unlimited tea and coffee, YOU, Kira-Anne Pelican and YOUR characters.

When: February 22nd 2020
Where: Ealing Studios, West London
How Much: £179
Places: Maximum of Eight

Characters are at the heart of films and TV series, but many writers struggle with creating complex and engaging characters.

Why are some characters truly memorable? What is that they have and others don’t?

In this one-day workshop tailored towards the specific needs of the class, Kira-Anne will offer feedback on your character from ten-pages of your script, or a one-page outline.

From an analysis of these ten pages she will give you practical insights from psychology to help you develop your characterisation, dialogue and your character’s transformational arc.

You will also learn:

  • How to ensure that readers engage with your character
  • How to make your character fully rounded, complex and believable
  • How to write dialogue that is true to your character’s personality
  • How to ensure your character’s transformational arc is compelling
  • How to develop a character that is emotionally engaging

Your outcomes:

  • Feedback from Kira-Anne and your workshop peers on your characterisation and dialogue
  • A roadmap to make your characters more memorable, engaging and believable
  • Insight into writing more authentic and richer dialogue
  • Understanding the psychology behind fully rounded characters, and how to make yours more memorable
  • Understanding how a character’s personality informs their dialogue
  • Understanding the psychology behind a character’s transformational arc

All the practical approaches used in this workshop will be based in psychological theory and research.

Attendees will be required to share ten pages with the group at least ONE Week before the event. All delegates will be expected to participate in reading these pages BEFORE the event in order to master the techniques.

NOTE: We cannot offer refunds for this event due to the small number of attendees.