Do you want a Hollywood Agent?

Room: D202/3

with Brandy Rivers

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If you want to work in Hollywood, you will need an agent on the ground in LA working for you. But you may also need a manager and a lawyer. How does it all work and how do you get them?

Meet Brandy Rivers, she works for Gersh, one of the top Hollywood agencies representing both writers and directors. And she is on the hunt for new talent at the festival… could that be you?

The combination of a great agent, manager and lawyer and a killer spec script is a surefire way to pass through the gates of the studios… surely it’s not that easy? Er, yes… IF you have ‘THE script’.

This session will take you through the process of assembling your team before presenting your script to the town, and hopefully, doing the deal.

Appearing in this session

Brandy Rivers

Brandy Rivers – Agent | The Gersh Agency LA

Brandy is looking for TV, and in features: contained thrillers, elevated horror, big world action movies and broad comedies. Also, books for film/tv.
Brandy Rivers