Dramatic Tension... how to crank it up

Room: D204/5

with Mary Kate O Flanagan

Dramatic Tension... how to crank it up image

This masterclass will examine The Sequence Approach to screenwriting, as originally conceived by the late, great Frank Daniel. It offers a practical perspective on shaping a narrative for film or television, helping you rewrite your scenes with added electrifying tension.

There will be a short presentation outlining the theory, followed by a detailed analysis of a film, showing the theory in practice.  Ideally, to be able to participate in the masterclass, writers should have watched the film in the weeks before the festival (film TBC on October).

The masterclass is given by Mary Kate O Flanagan, an international script consultant and teacher of screenwriting. She trained with David Howard, author of The Tools of Screenwriting and How to Build a Great Screenplay, in teaching screenwriting.