Get Under The Skin Of Twisted50 from Create50

with Chris Jones

Get Under The Skin Of Twisted50 from Create50 image

Create50 is a collaborative initiative that came out of the desire within the LondonSWF team to help get unproduced and unpublished writers their first credit. By combining the efforts of ‘the crowd’, many writers could benefit from a single project – 50 writers, 50 filmmakers… 50 times the energy and possibilities.

It has been a bumpy ride and an insight into a broad range of behaviours writers have displayed – some positive that will get career traction, others negative that will act as blocks.

One or two patterns are career killers that will get them a reputation and consistent declines. It’s a small business.

In this candid and illuminating session we will explore the ‘crowd of creatives’ that constitute Create50, their work, their involvement and what bubbled up in the process… With such a large sample of writers we move away from interesting anecdote and into observations backed up by data.

We will be discussing…

  • Building a brand cost effectively for you and your writing
  • Getting onto platforms and making money from your work
  • Reviews and how to get them (and their value)
  • The sales – how much DID we really make with Twisted50 (and how much can you make from your books)?
  • The consistent drive for marketing
  • The value of trailers and how to make them cost effectively.
  • Leveraging the narrow window of success (how not to drop the ball)
  • How and why so many writers self sabotage

This session promises to be an eyebrow raiser – regardless of whether you were involved in Create50, 50 Kisses, Twisted50 or Impact50.

Appearing in this session

Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Filmmaker and author

Credits include: Oscars shortlisted Gone Fishing, the Guerilla Handbooks and a bunch of feature films

Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books  and helping others make their movies.
Chris Jones