Getting Your Drama Commissioned By The BBC

Room: Tuke Hall

with Ben Stephenson
moderated by Daisy Martey

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What does it take to get your script under the nose of one of Britain’s most influential creative executive in TV? How do you get to be the next Dominic Mitchell or Rob Thorogood? Is it really all just about talent and perseverance or is there something more we should all be doing?

Join new writer Daisy Martey as she asks Ben, the man who brought us Luther, The Fall and Sherlock amongst many others, every question she, and you, need answering in order to get your script made. Get a peek behind the curtain of Auntie Beeb, discovering how shows make it on air, the importance of timing, and why sometimes, even great scripts can fall by the wayside.

Gain invaluable insights, tips you can use, and a new understanding of the industry, from the decision maker behind some of the most exciting and ground-breaking television in the last five years.

Appearing in this session

Daisy Martey

Daisy Martey – Screenwriter & Singer

In Daisy's past life she was lead singer of Morcheeba and sold over 6 million albums; she's now a Screenwriter and a cracking good one at that!
Daisy Martey
Ben Stephenson

Ben Stephenson – Controller Drama Commissioning | BBC

Credits include: The Fall, The White Queen

Controller of Drama Commissioning at the BBC and responsible for the re-emergence of drama on BBC Two.
Ben Stephenson