How to Write Unique, Unforgettable Scenes (via Skype)

Room: Tuke Hall

with David Freeman

How to Write Unique, Unforgettable Scenes (via Skype) image

There’s a short story about a house that had much more space on the inside than the outside.  It looked small, but once you stepped in, there was room after room.

This is exactly what happens in a great scene.  The unforgettable scene often does many things simultaneously, like:

  •  Revealing new dimensions to the characters
  •  Revealing new layers to the relationships between the characters
  •  Creating suspense in numerous subtle ways
  •  Evoking multiple emotions simultaneously, some of which contrast with others

It’s one thing to appreciate a great scene, but another thing all together to write one.  This session will be packed with writing techniques that will ensure you’ll be able to craft scenes that move and ignite audiences, as well as those who read your scripts.

The presenter is David Freeman, a masterful screenwriting teacher who’s “Beyond Structure” screenwriting and script development seminar is an international sensation (  David is known for skipping all theory and instead offering powerful writing techniques.  He’s also appreciated for his fast-moving, fun style of teaching.