Mike Leigh, In Conversation

Room: Tuke Hall

with Mike Leigh
moderated by Nigel Floyd

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One highlight session of this year’s Festival will be our conversation with writer, director and playwright Mike Leigh.

Renown for his ‘gritty kitchen sink realism’ and scriptless springboard, Mike will discuss how beginning a project with an idea but not a fully formed script can be a liberating creative process – a successful formula that is increasingly being adopted by many enlightened directors nowadays.  We will explore how collaborative working, one- to-one with talented actors can bring a deeper and richer character development within a piece.  We will discuss how repeated improvisation of scenes in the place of structured rehearsals can reveal unwitting dramatic twists and unseen plot revelations.

If we’re lucky, Mike might even demonstrate his alternative abilities as a gifted cartoonist.

This is definitely a ‘must see’ event, moderated by Nigel Floyd.  There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions of Mike in the second half of the session.

Appearing in this session

Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh – Filmmaker

Credits include: Secrets & Lies, Naked and Another Year

Iconic British filmmaker with a unique approach to the screenplay.
Mike Leigh
Nigel Floyd

Nigel Floyd – Film Critic and Broadcaster

Credits include: Time Out, Radio 5, Radio 4, Radio 3

Time Out film critic Nigel will be interviewing top speakers for the London Screenwriters Festival 2013.
Nigel Floyd