In Conversation With the Prolific Noel Clarke

Room: Tuke Cinema

with Noel Clarke
moderated by Stephen Follows

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Actor, director and screenwriter, Noel Clarke will be recognised as, amongst others, Mickey Smith from Doctor Who and Wyman Norris from the revived Auf Wiedersehen Pet.  But he’s so much more than that.

Kidulthood saw Noel move from actor to successful writer in one easy jump.  But he jumped again to direct the sequel, Adulthood.  In this session we discuss the different skills and talents that Noel has had to draw upon in order to fulfil the needs of each discipline.  What have been the greatest learnings and challenges an actor turned screenwriter turned director has had to embrace?  And most importantly, having tasted either side of the screenwriter sandwich, what tips and advice can he give to delegates in their quest to win the hearts and minds of both actors and directors?

This session will be moderated by XXX.  There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions of Noel in the second half of the session.

Appearing in this session

Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows – Writer and producer

Credits include: Baseline, Sign Language

Stephen Follows is an award-winning writer and producer. 
Stephen Follows
Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke – Actor, Director and Screenwriter

Credits include: Adulthood, Kidulthood, Dr Who

Winner of the 2009 Orange Rising Star BAFTA, Noel is a multi-award-winning Actor, Director and Screenwriter.

Noel Clarke