LSF Intensive: John Yorke... Create a TV Show in a Day (June 13th)

with John Yorke

LSF Intensive: John Yorke... Create a TV Show in a Day (June 13th) image

Spend a day with John, workshopping story ideas and refining the process with greater depth as you create a brand new TV show.

As this is a workshop, it will not be recorded. It’s entirely experiential.

When: June 13th (Saturday)
How Much: £97
Max Twelve Places

‘If you want to write telly then doing this is intensive is a no-brainer. John will put you through your paces like you’re in training for the Olympyics. Needless to say only gold will do. Thanks for what has been a creatively life-changing experience. I absolutely mean that. ‘
Lynda Kennedy, Screenwriter

Create a TV Series with John

During this intensive day, you will create a new TV series with your writers room collaborators, based on an idea John will share ahead of the day.

You will need to work on theme, characters, arcs, season arc, series arc. Under time pressure and with the guidance of John.

The day is designed to replicate the experience John and his writers teams go through on a day by day and week by week basis.

The final show idea and pitch will be owned by the entire writers group.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to gain invaluable experience writing for TV and under the guidance of one of our most prolific producers, show runners, show creators and all round rockstars in the industry.

The outcomes for the day are…

  • Mastering rapid story evolution
  • Working as a team
  • Working under time pressure
  • Pitching with little preparation
  • Developing story and character arcs under pressure

*NOTE – Passes for this experience are non refundable but can be transferred.

‘I really enjoyed the tasks and John’s challenging questions which clarified things so well. I had to find a way of working with others in a premised context which was both frustrating and insightful. It taught me to be more assertive when appropriate. I learned how I need to be in a writers’ room: have more confidence in what I think and believe will work. I particularly enjoyed the pressure and John’s direct questioning.’
Teresa Bailey, Screenwriter

‘I loved working in a small group, though the day was a steep learning curve. John expertly guided us through a simulated writers room scenario and I think I would now feel far more comfortable in that situation. I also enjoyed the pitching a completely new project, under pressure and with little time to prepare, and at the end of the day, I left with a great new peer group.’
Omar Khan, Writer and Actor

‘This Intensive forces you to be brutally honest with your story engine so you know EXACTLY what you’re pitching. It’s the difference between coming across as a pro or an amateur. It teaches you to think not just as a creator, but as a commissioner.’
Lynda Kennedy, Screenwriter #watfordthebear

‘I have really learnt how to put the theory of storytelling structure into practice. Absolutely brilliant. If there is one course you should take to learn about storytelling, this is it! Enjoyable, inspiring and useful!’
Varsha Shah, Writer

‘Simplification is the key, and learn by doing. A great workshop.’
Lloyd Sandall, Writer/Director /

‘I learned how to overcome flaws in this workshop. LSF always takes you to the next step.’
Andrew Wilkinson, Writer / @acwilkinson

‘I loved John’s insights, the collaboration and brainstorming. John Yorke could talk about the process of mixed recycling and it would be just as fascinating as his talks on story!’
Jaye Nolan, Screenwriter / / @Scattyjan

‘Fantastic insight into how an idea can manifest into a series and how to ensure you have enough material to tell a story.’
Paul Davidson, Screenwriter

Appearing in this session

John Yorke

John Yorke – MD | Angel Station

Credits include Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars, EastEnders

John is author of Into the Woods and a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling. He also executive produced Wolf Hall.
John Yorke