Meet The Producers: Why We're Going To Hire You... Or Not?

Room: Tuke Hall

with Gareth Unwin and Lisa Bryer
moderated by Stephen Follows

Meet The Producers: Why We

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Script.  Pink shirt? White shirt? T shirt? Script. Jeans? Combats? Shorts? Script. Serious? Witty? Enigmatic? Script. Brad? Quentin? Johnny? Script.

Who knows why a producer will warm to you and what it is about your story that floats their boat.  What do they know that you don’t?  And why are you still agonising over the third line on page 32 when maybe that’s not their interest?

In this session we meet Gareth Unwin, producer of The King’s Speech and Lisa Bryer, co-producer of The Last King of Scotland who will offer their Top Tips in getting that golden handshake from them.  Is it because I’m blonde?


Appearing in this session

Gareth Unwin

Gareth Unwin – Producer

Credits include: The King's Speech, Kajaki. The True Story

Gareth produced The King's Speech and walked away with an Oscar, a BAFTA and countless other awards. 
Gareth Unwin
Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows – Writer and producer

Credits include: Baseline, Sign Language

Stephen Follows is an award-winning writer and producer. 
Stephen Follows
Lisa Bryer

Lisa Bryer – Producer

Credits include: The Last King Of Scotland, The Hole

Lisa has produced hundreds of music videos and commercials as well as Oscar and BAFTA winning features. 

Lisa Bryer