Mind Of Madness...why writers are insane

Room: D204/5

with Dr Raj Persaud

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Dr Raj Persaud will be looking at various issues in the psychology of film and screen-writing.

He will delve inside the mind of the audience and the screen-writer as he explores our deep psychological need for story, how the very best films must tap into unconscious psychological processes in the audience, plus why creativity is so stressful and how to defeat writers block.

Are there psychological principles involved in writing an impactful or block-busting movie?

Appearing in this session

Dr Raj Persaud

Dr Raj Persaud – Consultant Psychiatrist, Broadcaster and Author

Credits include: Staying Sane: How To Make Your Mind Work For You

Eminent Psychiatrist Dr Raj offers fascinating insights into the mind and mechanics of the screenwriter.
Dr Raj Persaud