Negotiate like a pro: How to get what you want

Room: D202/3

with Linda Potgieter

Negotiate like a pro: How to get what you want image

A good negotiator will get you to agree without you even knowing your are in fact, negotiating. Learn to find your blind spots that professionals will exploit.

Negotiation is a skill we all use every day. It is ubiquitous to life and a necessary tool for ‘the business’. And yet so many of us shy away from it when it becomes part of the creative process.

Negotiation need not be painful or scary, but you do need to understand the tactics that could be used by the professionals, or you could end up exploited.

In this dynamic workshop, negotiation expert Linda Potgieter will illustrate how in every situation, you can and should pursue a win / win outcome for all parties. Through specific questioning, she will help you find your blind spots so that you can avoid being exploited and work on your weaknesses.

A remarkable session that will help you both protect yourself, as well as seek ethical and fair solutions to negotiation problems.