Script Lab with Joe Eszterhas

with Joe Eszterhas

Script Lab with Joe Eszterhas image

Do you love Hollywood thrillers? Do you dream of writing blockbuster or mid budget gold, with huge stars attached? Then this lab is  for you.

Six screenwriters will get one-on-one mentoring with Hollywood legend Joe Eszterhas in this ‘Thriller’ lab… Seriously, what an amazing opportunity!

Joe has written some of the most iconic American movies and set records for script sales – including ‘Flashdance’, ‘Jagged Edge’, ‘Basic Instinct’ and the much loved / vilified in equal measure ‘Showgirls’.

This is a unique opportunity to meet and get mentored by one a writer who’s lived the American dream for more than thirty years, writing some of the top iconic movies we all know and love.

To be considered for this lab, you need:

  • A synopsis for a Hollywood movie (thriller genre or high concept medium to big budget)
  • An accompanying first page of your script
  • 500 words on why you need to meet a Hollywood Screenwriter to move your career forward
  • A writing CV (not sure what goes here? Check out this post HERE)

Good luck!