Script To Screen: Doctors (continuing TV drama)

Room: D204/5

with Jamie Hewitt and Paul Campbell
moderated by Daisy Martey

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Known as a champion of new talent, Doctors is where many new writers get that crucial first television credit. The Doctors production team produces hundreds of hours of television a year, and is the ideal place for a writer to learn the ropes in a supportive environment whilst maintaining artistic freedom.

So, how does a doctors script get commissioned, written and produced? How important is the relationship between writer and script editor? What happens when your script gets to set and the dialogue is DOA?

The London Screenwriters’ Festival presents our FIRST EVER Script to Screen for television. Discover the secrets of creating continuing drama with veteran Doctors Script Editor Jamie Hewitt, and  Writer’s Academy Alumni Paul Campbell who has written for all four continuing drama programmes at the BBC. Join us as we take you from diagnosis to discharge in this eye-opening session!

Appearing in this session

Daisy Martey

Daisy Martey – Screenwriter & Singer

In Daisy's past life she was lead singer of Morcheeba and sold over 6 million albums; she's now a Screenwriter and a cracking good one at that!
Daisy Martey
Jamie Hewitt

Jamie Hewitt – Script Editor

Credits include: Doctors

Jamie is responsible for commissioning and developing over 20 hours of broadcast TV each year
Jamie Hewitt
Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell – Screenwriter

Credits include: Doctors, Holby City

Paul is a veteran of the continuing drama and has written for Doctors, Eastenders, Holby City and Casualty.
Paul Campbell