The Business of Script Development

Room: D202/3

with Peter Bloore

The Business of Script Development image

The development of a film screenplay is a complex collaborative process, beginning with an initial story idea and continuing through drafting and financing to the start of the shoot. It is a creative act, but it is also a complex and multi-million pound business in its own right.

The process of managing development is controlled and supported by producers, development executives, script editors and financiers. So how do writers and directors work with them to protect and nurture their stories? What are the tensions between creativity and big business? How do power relationships change during development and production? And how can producers develop new talent and build sustainable creative companies?

This keynote presentation should be a vital event for writers, producers, development executives, and everyone working in development today. It will highlight the latest research and discuss what really happens when a script is written and financed.

(Peter Bloore is a screenwriter and the author of the new book The Screenplay Business: managing creativity and script development in the film industry.)