The Creative Screenwriter with Exclusive Book Launch

Room: Tuke Common Room

with Craig Batty and Zara Waldeback

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Becoming a successful and exciting screenwriter isn’t only about mastering technique and following formats – it’s also about being constantly and courageously creative. Any good writing requires you to take risks, dive into the unknown, push your imagination further.

In this session, Zara Waldeback and Craig Batty will talk about the importance of increasing creativity in screenwriting – how to invite it in and infuse the whole writing process with it. In their book, “The Creative Screenwriter”, they show how creativity isn’t a passive state of mind a writer has no control over, but an ability that can be trained, improved and practiced. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, you can actively engage in a number of regular and specific exercises to dramatically increase your creative skill so it becomes a natural free-flowing part of writing screenplays. During the session, Zara and Craig will introduce creative exercises from the book to help you source ideas, expand them into stories, and experiment with expressing them on the page.

Creativity and inspiration are vital to the writer’s life, and it’s essential to learn to have a working relationship with them so both your writing process and your scripts can become more exciting, enjoyable and inspired.

NOTE – This session is also the book launch event for Craig and Zara’s new book ‘The Creative Screenwriter’. Zara and Craig have co-authored two books: The Creative Screenwriter (2012, Bloomsbury) and Writing for the Screen: Creative and Critical Approaches (2008, Palgrave).They have a long history of teaching screenwriting both in the UK and other countries.


Appearing in this session

Craig Batty

Craig Batty – Senior Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne

The Creative Screenwriter, Movies That Move Us

Craig has a PhD in screenwriting, is a senior lecturer, screenwriter, script consultant and author.
Craig Batty
Zara Waldeback

Zara Waldeback – Screenwriting lecturer

Credits include: The Creative Screenwriter

Zara has taught at Sussex University, Brunel University and was for many years Senior Lecturer at Thames Valley University, where she also developed the 'Creative Screenwriting' MA.


Zara Waldeback